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ImageMaker Dallas in Barcelona for Oceania cruise ship christening
ImageMaker Sweet Tomatoes film shoot

Turns Web Viewers into Your Customers.

And Protects Your Brand Image.


Original entertainment programming for the Web is HOT. And, getting hotter. FAST.

From Netflix to Hulu; Amazon to Condé Nast - major players in the digital space are actively seeking original video entertainment to enhance their own Web presence and further expand the marketplace.  For brands, its an entirely new entertainment pathway to a preferred - and very targeted - audience, through a new and different Web touch point.

It's a strategy that is already working for big brands including Intel, Toshiba and BMW.

At ImageMaker, our Originals team is creating digital entertainment programming just for these new channels, tailored to individual brands while providing customized integrations and a truly engaged audience view.

  • Programming that is uniquely suited for Web viewers.
  • Programming that is relevant to your targeted interest groups.
  • Programming that will attract a loyal on-line fan base of consumers who are already predisposed to buying your product.
  • Programming that supports your brand integrity.

Best of all, ImageMaker Originals will oversee the distribution of your original programming, securing an impressive home on the Web that is perfectly suited to your brand, supported by a targeted media buy, product placement opportunities and more.

The world of digital entertainment is changing. Our team will help you find your place in this diverse marketplace... with memorable, fresh, Internet-based video entertainment, customized to your brand and your audience. Our distribution solutions are tailored to your specific brand goals and objectives, while complimenting your existing Web media spend.

Be a part of the on-line original entertainment revolution - taking place right now. The rewards are as big as the Internet itself.


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