ImageMaker Dallas

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Sondra Brunone

Queen Bee

Moves fast. Convinced that worry is an art form, especially while producing, directing or scripting.


Margaret Dettmer

Producer, Post-production Supervisor

A woman of few words, but many levels of organization and creativity. You can count on her to take your project to the finish line with energy and expertise.


Jason Coker

Editor, Motion Graphics Designer, DVD Guru

Amazing, multi-talented storyteller. If he gets bored, he WILL rearrange your furniture.


Sallie Wortman

Assistant Producer, Production Coordinator, Casting Specialist

Sweats the small stuff everyday, yet takes cheerful to new heights. How does she do it?


Chris Cost

Motion Graphic Designer, Editor, DVD Guru

He can draw it, paint it, and design it. And it will be awesome. End of story.